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Ahvidar the female wrestler and bodybuilder

female bodybuilders, female bodybuilding, female wrestlers

10.21.2004:Hillary Duff Armwrestling with Haylie Duff


Ellen DeGeneres Nicollette Sheridan - Arm Wrestling


Brigante, her story "Sunday Reading"

Hi guys. I'm Brigante. I'm a huge bodybuilder and professional wrestler. I'm so stacked. I'm so impressive to look at. Want to take a look at me? I have the hardest biceps you have ever seen. My biceps are rock hard. They're seventeen inches and I have such a glorious peak right on my bicep and my arms are so strong. You should see how vascular they are. My arms look as though I have vines running through them.

imp003.gifI wrestle men for a living. I work for a service that has demands for muscular women. The men that I come into contact with all have fantasies about strong women. So, I'm going to tell you about my wrestling techniques and some of the experiences I've had with several clients. My favorite technique is what I call a surprise. This is when I arrive at the meeting place at least a half hour before my client arrives.I'll usually hide in a closet, and peek through the closet doors. Once I see that my client is stripped down to his shorts, I jump out at him and wrestle him to the ground. You should see the look on my clients' face when this happens. They are usually horrified and scared to death at first. Then they get into it.I like to wear my dark hair wild when I meet with my clients. I wrestle them in my animal print posing suit to give my clients the feeling that they are my prey. Once I wrestle my clients to the ground, I start by slipping them in a number of holds. My best is the head scissor.

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Canadian Female Armwrestling Video


Samantha Waugh over Mary Kim Schriver in the left - video

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12.31.2004:Amanda Peet Armwrestling Photo

Someday a guy is going to win a match in a film.  From "Saving Silverman."



Armwrestling at the Arnold Classic 2006 pics


Zanna Cingule Swedish Female Armwrestler

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The winner seems to be very happy about almost breaking the looser's arm. Now that is one seriously competitive women.



Malin Bergström armwrestling champion of Sweden

26370-312462-thumbnail.jpgI have won alot of different competitions and I have more then 30 gold medals and more then 50 medals totally, plus around 30 cups, but I´ll mention the most important ones below. Malin's website with video.


I train in Gävle 2 hours from Stockholm by train.(visit my clubs website: ) We do have a GREAT armwrestling club in Stockholm ( )










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Arm Wrestling history

26370-260614-thumbnail.jpgCheck out this free armwrestling video click here

"In arm wrestling, it is not the strength of your arm that is most important but rather how you use your body to create leverage that counts. Strength is important, but so are speed and technique. Proper technique starts the moment you step up to the table. History: Various forms of arm wrestling have been very common throughout the world. A painting of what appears to be an arm wrestling contest is found in an Egyptian tomb dating to about 2,000 B. C. The modern sport is based on a Native American game. In fact, it was usually called "Indian wrestling" when practiced by 26370-260623-thumbnail.jpgfrontiersman during the 19th century and by children in the 20th century. In addition to what has become known as arm wrestling, there are several other forms of "Indian wrestling." In one, the opponents stand facing one another, with the outer sides of their right feet set together and their right hands interlocked. The object is to throw the opponent off balance. In another, the opponents lie down with their near arms and near legs locked and each tries to force the other's leg down. In arm wrestling, which has now become a genuinely international sport, the opponents are seated at a table, facing one another. They lock their 26370-260616-thumbnail.jpghands (usually the right hands, but there is now also left-handed competition), with their elbows firmly planted on the flat surface, and each attempts to force the other's arm down to the table.

In addition to being a semi-popular sport among high school and college students, arm wrestling was a tavern sport. The sport got a major boost from "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles Schulz in 1968. Schulz did a series of comic strips in which Snoopy was headed to Petaluma to try to win the championship. However, in the last strip, he was barred from competition because the rules require that you lock thumbs with your opponent and Snoopy had no thumb.